What you can expect from Apeiro

Quite simply we treat people the way we like to be treated ourselves, candidates treated professionally with a high level of service by Apeiro are our best advert.

  • We will respond to your emails and return your calls

  • A face to face meeting where appropriate if you are considered suitable for one of our vacancies

  • Before client interview, a detailed job specification, company information and details of the interviewing process

  • Interviewing tips, including format of questions likely to be asked and an indication of what research would help you

  • Honest and immediate feedback following each stage of interview, whether you are successful or not

  • If you are not successful in securing a position through Apeiro, we will give you honest and constructive feedback on how you present yourself, your CV and your interview technique, if any of these are letting you down

  • Support between accepting, handing in notice and starting the position

What we don't do

Send your CV to a client without your permission, nor do we send you to interview for a job to which you are not suited.
We do not waste your time or our time working on anything other than real job vacancies for clients with whom we have strong relationships.


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